Core Values​

Generatione Church @17 is a community of people motivated by our love of God and His love of people. Out of that seed we have built a church community where relationships and unity of purpose are key aspects.

Our goal is oneness in Christ unhindered by age, ethnicity, gender, culture or perceived weaknesses and strengths resulting in a multicultural expression of God’s Kingdom.

Being such a community can be challenging and, at times, hard work but as we give and receive life God reveals the different treasure He has placed in each of us.

Irrespective where you are in life’s journey you are most welcome to join with us in this joyful engagement with the things that matter.
The values we aim to live by arise from our core of loving God and loving people which are an outworking of our statement of faith.

We want to work with people not for people. That means values such as creating belonging, & collaboration are expressed as we work together.

This builds into people what is in God’s heart since that given to individuals working together is bigger than anything anyone can develop by themselves. We call this process ‘peopleness.’

This works best (putting the values into action) when:
  • We make room for all people
  • We allow others to ‘have go’
  • We don’t allow acquired knowledge and skills to close our minds to new ideas and things
  • We invite God to be part of the process.

    Working with people not for people is also a reflection of the partnership our heavenly Father seeks with us. There is no limit to its expression and outworking.